Gradient Furnace

Gradient Furnace for temperatures bellow 1200 ˚C

Gradient furnace is a small cylindrical laboratory furnace, which is designed to be placed on a table and which is constructed according to standard ASTM C 829 - 81. Heating zone has a diameter of 24 mm and a length of 500 mm. Heating element is designed in a way, that a temperature drops uniformly down from the center of the furnace to its borders. This happens on the length of 150 mm (in the furnace, there are two gradients, each having length of 150 mm). The boundary temperatures are set manually. Temperature inside the furnace should not exceed 1.200 ˚C and the temperature difference should not be greater than 500 ˚C (bigger differences can cause a deformation of gradient).

The furnace is delivered together with a traveller for a precise measurement of temperature inside the furnace. The traveller can be attached on both sides of the furnace and in steps of length 2,5 mm and 5 mm respectively, it can be used to measure a temperature characteristic along the working range. This measurement is done either manually from the control panel or automatically from PC. The software for this purpose is delivered together with the furnace.

Dimensions, as well as other parameters, can be modified according to a customer demands.