Laboratory instruments can be delivered together with utility software. Instrument is equiped with at least one device capable of communication with computer. Instrument is connectected with computer via USB or ETHERNET cable (ETHERNET is the preferable one). As communiation protocol, MODBUS is used.

Software is designed as desktop application which can run on both Windows and UNIX operating systems. Software can controll more than one measurement in the same time. Even experiments of different types can be run simultaneously.

First of all, user defines a measured sample. Sample can be given a name and characteristics (long description). Experiments are defined for selected sample. In addition to an instrument, which must be assigned to experiment, operator (experiment supervisor) and commentary (long description) are defined by user. There are some settings (initial temperature, final temperature, read-out interval) which are set, when experiment is being created.

Experiment is controlled automatically by software to an uttermost extent and provides an user with interface, so user can controll the measurement. Read-outs are continuously displayed in controll panel. Data, which is stored in database, is displayed in graph and table. When experiment is finished, measurement is evaluated automaticaly. 

There is a built-in feature, allowing export of protocol in PDF format (consecutive print) and export of measured data in CSV format (for further data analysis e.g. in Excel).