< 20 kW - SFG-15

< 20 kW - SFG-15

SFG-15 is a transistor free-running power generator, which synchronizes itself with the resonance frequency of power circuit. The operating frequency is determined by the parameters of application inductor with resonance capacitor, which is integrated in secondary circuit of the MF transformer.

Generator operates at frequency up to 40 kHz. The lowest working frequency is determined by a construction of output power transformer, in practice at least 10 kHz.

Power supply, generator and control circuits are placed in the generator housing. MF power output transformer is located in a separate box close by or within an application.

Inductor and transformer require a water-based cooling to operate. Generator itself is only partially cooled by water and has built in a water flow sensor.

The generator is usually equipped with a temperature controller and other auxiliary electronics.