Viscometer ROTVE

Viscometer up to 1.550 ˚C ROTVE

The purpose of this device is to measure the viscosity by a method of the rotating body, which is submerged in the melt by a defined way. Viscosity is determined from the speed of the rotating body at a constant temperature (equilibrium state) and in conditions of constant torque, which value is captured by a torsion sensor, which is integrated into the measuring head together with a propelled unit. 

Propelled unit consists of a stepper motor. With its output shaft is connected a torsion element (via a single coupling element) composed of thin steel wire. Input and output shaft of the torsion element are provided with handsets, whose relative position (torsion of the torsion element) is scanned opto-electronically. The electronic system maintains a torsion of 60˚ and allows to control the speed of the measuring body in range of 1 : 1.000 (viscosity in the range of 3 orders of magnitude).

The applied induction heating has a fast thermal response, allowing to measure temperature dependence (glass viscosity curve) in the time interval under 4 hours. 

Furthermore, the apparatus is suitable for measuring the temperature dependence of resistivity of enamel when applied to corresponding measuring electrodes holder.

The measuring cycle is controlled and evaluated using an external PC with the included user software.

Instrument is delivered with software, which specification can be downloaded from this link.