VEZAS Ltd. was establisehd in 1992. Main activities are focused on the glass industry including particular application of induction heating and customer design and production of special devices for laboratories. We provide and supply complete induction heating systems, including low and medium frequency generators.

In collaboration with our customers, we provide certificate hygiene services (exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation) for manufactured devices.

Other applications are expanding into areas of melting of small amounts of special metals and mixtures, soldering, welding of plastic caps for canisters and others.

Typical aplications of induction heating

  • induction heating units for jewellery, production of the glass beads
  • induction heating units for melting gold and silver (capacity 2 to 4 kg of the melt)
  • induction heating components for melting of dental alloys
  • hardware for induction heating of output feeder tubes
  • production of medium frequency thyristor power generators, output power up to 15 kW
  • medium frequency transistor generators 20 - 160 kHz, output power up to 4 kW
  • tools and generators for soft and hard soldering

Customer production of laboratory equipment

  • laboratory apparatus to production of glass fibres for measuring purposes
  • apparatus for measuring Littleton's softening point according to standard ISO-7884-6/1987
  • apparatus for measuring viscosity and electrical resistivity of molten glass up to 1.500 °C
  • gradient furnace for determination of the crystallisation properties of glass according to standard ASTM C829-81(86), temperature range up to 1.300 °C
  • simple polariscope for inspection of the glass production
  • heating furnaces for laboratory applications