Hot Outlets

Hot Outlets

Induction heating for hot outlets improves dynamic properties and concentration of power into a small space in comparison to heating using resistive heating coils. Compared to gas heating, the temperature process with induction heating is more stable.

For lower temperatures and lower quality requirements, the enamel outlet pipes are made from steady heat steel. In case of higher requirements, platinum pipes are used instead. 

An inductor, as well as power circuits, are cooled by water. At first glance, this can be seen as a complication, but it can help with an outlet closing and its cooling.

Deployment of induction heating of outlet will require some structural adjustments. The most of all, the parasitic heating of surrounding structures must be minimized.

Generators with lower power are mounted in close proximity to the inductor. In case of higher output, the generator SFG-8 is used. In this case, only the power transformer is installed next to the inductor.

In the gallery, a few examples of application are shown.