Induction Heating - Design

Induction Heating - Design

Technology of induction heating cannot be used for a specific application without a detailed technical analysis. First, it is needed to determine, whether a given task can be solved by the technology of induction heating at all. After this, a calculations of required power are performed and, depending on a shape of a heated object, the first inductor is designed. Efficiency and power parameters of this inductor are verified by a model. When desired results are achieved, a final adjustments of inductor and generator are made to meet customer demands.

Inductor Design

Inductor design depends on customer requirements. However, it must respect the principles and requirements of manufacturability and its parameters must be customized to a supposed generator. An inductor is usually made from a copper tube cooled by water. Proposed solutions are discussed with customer and improved step by step. Final solution is usually a compromise between the requirements, production possibilities and the overall equipment cost as well.

Model Verification 

According to the inductor design, a simple model of inductor is created. This model already allows measurement of electrical parameters. From the laboratory measurements, the parameters of the resonant circuits are determined and the adjustment to the power generator is made. An important parameter is the induction heating efficiency, which is determined by these measurements as well.

Verification Tests

The inductor model is improved step by step, until a satisfactory results are achieved. After this, an inductor is constructed, which can be tested in real conditions. This inductor is manufactured for the full output power and is tested by a usage of a trial generator.

Solution Optimisation

Verification tests usually lead to some modifications in mechanical design. Solution optimisation is confirmed by a series of measurement of performance parameters. This measurement must be in accordance with a model tests. As a result of optimization, a final design is created, which can lead to an adjustment of parameters of power generator. The final adjustments are always consulted with a customer.