Laboratory Cylindrical Furnace

Laboratory cylindrical furnace for temperatures bellow 1100 ˚C

The cylindrical furnace is a small laboratory furnace designed to be placed on a table. Heating zone has a diameter of 38 mm and length 450 mm and a heating element is designed so that the temperature gradient in the inner 150 mm of length does not exceed a value of 5 °C. The furnace is designed to maximum temperature of 1,100 ° C (higher temperatures can cause a mechanical damage).

The furnace itself is mounted in a frame, which includes a simple drive, which allows swinging of the furnace with variable speed and variable size of inclination in extreme positions. Furnace itself may be placed in a vertical position.

A protective tube, which has 30 mm in diameter, can be placed inside the furnace. Furnace can be inserted into a ventilated room.

Dimensions as well as other parameters can be modified according to a customer demands.