Portable Cooling Furnace

Portable cooling furnace for temperatures bellow 600 ˚C

Portable cooling furnace is a small furnace, which could be very easily transported by a hand. Space for samples has dimensions of the base 110x110 mm and a height of 60 mm. Thermal insulation is fibrous and its thickness is such that the spontaneous cooling of the heated furnace is happening in a way, tat the samples are cooled in a way very close to the cooling curve.

Samples of glass are laid in a hot oven. The oven is closed (or reheated again) and after it is disconnected from the network, the samples can be easily transported to desired location.

If it is nescessary, an oven can be used for supercooling of embedded samples. This mode can be achieved by a use of ramp function of temperature controller e2132.

The dimensions and other parameters of the furnace can be adapted to customer requirements.